Meet your Assistant on Google Chrome

What's on Screen?

Know more information about a webpage

Take Screenshot

Saves screenshot of current tab

Small Talk

Ask things about me

Watch Youtube Videos

Play blank space


How to go from New-York to Washington DC?

Open Websites

Open fb


Post life is awesome with anna

Motivate - to get quotes

Motivate me


Translate a word/phrase to any language


Mail I can now be lazy and not type mail

Create Calender Event

Meeting with Evan at 10 a.m. on Friday


Where is Delhi ?

Search Optimized

Who is Narendera Modi ?


Weather at Allahabad

Safe Mode

Browse the web privately

If I Don't Understand

I'll google it for you

Browser Functionality

History,Downloads and Bookmarks

Tell a Joke

Get entertained with ANNA'S joke

Close Tabs


Watch the video

Fun Facts

89 Stars on Github
12 Number of Features
21 Number of Lines of Code
52 Number of Contributers


See what others have to say.

#3 Product of the Day Product Hunt February 24, 2018

“ I was a bit skeptical about its accuracy and performance initially, however, the extension works surprisingly well even if you speak softly. It is developed by an India-based team and interestingly, Anna’s voice and accent, accentuates that even further. Because of this, I didn’t encounter any speech issues and Anna was able to recognize my command every time. ”


SHUBHAM AGARWAL Engineer in Comp. Science

“Have met Siri on iPhone and Google Assistant on Android and Cortana on Windows. Now Anna Assistant is a new product arrived for Google Chrome users. You can talk to Anna or make your stuff done. It’s a new arrival product, the extension needs a lot of requirement and improvement in coming days. It might get new features. ”


Syed Ali Abubacker Tech Blogger

“IOS (Siri), Microsoft (Cortana), Google Assistant and now Anna for Google Chrome. Can play a video from YouTube, publish a tweet, or integrate with platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. These features are relatively simple and has a field of improvement. Changes are likely to be made in future releases. Anna did not have any problems to accentuate; the search results are very convenient. ”


Hemant Saxena post-graduate